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The Builders Dream!

My Home Selections is a powerful tool, created to help streamline the selections process and enhance your client’s home building experience.

By having all your product selections in one place, you can enable your client to choose their preferences with ease. The My Home Selections assists in reducing possible delays in starting construction due to possible incomplete selections by the client, it can also enhance your brand by providing a professional client experience and the program can also save yourself countless hours of time spent with the client educating them on every single item within their home.

Builders make money building, so let’s not get caught out spending wasted time on the selections process when the client can enjoy the process from home on the lounge and spend as much of their own time on it and not waste yours.

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“Being surrounded by those in the construction industry every day means that we were constantly exposed to the impact of selections, including delays in the selections process and the constant errors made on site surrounding this important part of the building process. As we know, time is important to builders and this is a great tool to provide the experience your clients deserve, while removing the painfully slow selections process.”
– Jay Bolton, Director of SEE Business Solutions